Sunday, October 14, 2012

So the Yankees aren't infallible.

Man. What's up with them Yankees? They've shown signs of trouble through most of this season after the All-Star break. You've got Mariano Riviera possibly gone, and the line-up plagued with injuries all season. During this postseason they've played the Orioles, whom they defeated, but it wasn't as easy as you would have thought for the Yankees. As of last night, they lost their captain and shortstop Derek Jeter with a fractured ankle. Jeter fractured the ankle in the 9th inning of Game 1 of the ALCS last night. He will now be out for the remainder of the postseason. The Yankees have got to be worried at this point. Right now, you've made it to the ALCS, but you're down 2-0 in the series to the Tigers. You got pinch hitters in for A-Rod, people running for Granderson, Cano in a slum, and Jeter now out of your lineup. At this point in time the ray of hope you see step up to the plate each inning is Raul Ibanez. Not that I'm knocking Ibanez, but for a team with the caliber of the Yankees... that seems a little bleak.

The Yankees have officially replaced Jeter in the lineup with Jayson Nix, who's career average is .214. Jeter sent Nix an encouraging text message Sunday morning, "It just said good luck, he believes in me and go get 'em." Nix said.

The Yankee's manager, Joe Girardi, hasn't been catching much luck lately either. Girardi's father passed away earlier this week, and today on his 48th birthday he was thrown out of the game while arguing with umpire Jeff Nelson on an admitted blown call. Here's a recap of what happened:

New York was trailing 1-0 with two outs in the eighth Sunday when Austin Jackson singled with Omar Infante on first. Right fielder Nick Swisher threw to second, where Infante had run past the base, and Cano tagged him on the chest sliding back. "I had the tag late and the hand going into the bag before the tag on the chest," Nelson said. Then he watched the replay after the game. "The hand did not get in before the tag. The call was incorrect," Nelson explained.

What's interesting to me is there are photos of both Riviera
earlier this season and now Jeter during their season ending
injuries with this "Walk off a hero" sign behind them.
I very much agree with Girardi's comment here as well: "Too much is at stake. We play 235 days to get to this point, and two calls go against us," Girardi said with passion in his voice. Hopefully this problem will be taken care of within the next few years so that this game can be played and judged more fairly the way other sports are. Especially in the playoffs.

Well, this postseason proves to people that the Yankees are not invincible. They're just like all the other baseball clubs in this league. And they're catching some bad breaks at the wrong time. Statistics shows that no team has come back from a 2-0 deficit in a 7 game series when losing at home. Game 3 in this series will take place on Tuesday at Comerica Park. Verlander will be on the mound for Detriot and Sabathia for the Yankees.

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